‘Our society is sick’ – Reverend at Miguel Louw funeral


Durban schoolboy Miguel Louw was laid to rest during an emotional ceremony on Saturday.

The nine-year-old Sydenham schoolboy went missing on July 17. His decomposed body was found in a ditch in Phoenix last week.

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral at the St Anne’s Church in Sydenham.

Speaking at the funeral, Miguel’s aunt described him as being a “humble and angelic” lad.

“Miguel was not streetwise,” she said. “He was over-protected. He was loved dearly by everyone.”

Reverend Ndodana Tshuma said: “Miguel, here in this state is more than proof that our society is sick. What have we become? What is happening in this society of ours?

“It is not only the family of Miguel who is heartbroken, everyone is heartbroken,” Tshuma added.

In her final words to her son, Miguel’s mum Raylene wrote: “Mummy loves you so much, and I miss you dearly. I have no words to describe the pain I feel my son. You are a hero, a warrior.”

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